Joanne Hillary PhD, ND, Spokane, WA

I had been practicing Open Focus exercises for several years and felt it had been helpful in addressing the life challenges I have been working on for many years. Then I attended the workshop in LA 2/14. It was a significant turning point for me. Immersion in the exercises over those 3 days brought me to a new level of experiencing Open Focus. Dr. Fehmi also presented several exercises that I had found difficult to do on my own. It was very helpful to have him lead us through them and hear his explanation of why they may be difficult for some people.

The machines provided instant feedback that was crucial for me in learning how to “not try so hard” but to “let alpha happen”, a lifelong challenging concept for me. I especially liked that Dr. Fehmi and Susan were not on a rigid “schedule”. The time was always spent productively but there was sufficient flexibility to answer all questions and share what we were each experiencing. I feel the workshop gave me a substantial boost in resolving my challenges and has opened my horizons. My only regret is that I didn’t attend a workshop sooner!