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Drugless Approach

This non-drug approach can improve school performance, improve behavior and reduce or eliminate the need for stimulant/anti-depressant medication. 

If a child is not succeeding in school because of:

  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Distractability and Impulsitivity
  • Inability to settle down to homework
  • Getting in trouble with teachers and peers
  • Forgetting what he/she’s learned
  • Not sleeping well at night
  • Listlessness and lethargy

With brainwave training, children may be taught to gain self-control. Independent tests show an average 23 point increase in IQ scores. Bed wetting, night terrors, temper tantrums, and out of control behaviors usually respond to the training.Research shows that once the child has learned and is acclimated to relaxed concentration through EEG feedback training, training can be discontinued, with lasting results. Additionally, this training includes home use of OPEN FOCUS Attention Training audio tapes for sensory integration and relaxed concentration. Breakthrough match of video technology with biofeedback instruments allows brainwave training with video games. A child’s brain runs a Pac-Man through 20 different mazes. Computer games motivate and absorb children in learning to control their own brainwave activity and increase effortless concentration. It works with adults too.